Awards for the High Lonesome 100

If you're tough enough to run 100 miles at altitude in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, then you deserve a hell of a buckle. We also think you deserve something just for being brave enough to toe the starting line, which is why every runner gets a custom engraved bottle of Laws 4 Grain Small Batch Whiskey. And to really round it out, we've got special awards to runners who manage to finish our course in under 24 hours. 

All awards will be awarded at the awards ceremony, which will take place after the event at the start/finish area. More details to come.

Belt Buckles

Each person to complete the High Lonesome 100 endurance race within the cut offs receives a custom belt buckle. The buckles are hand made in Colorado, and are 4x3. They're still being made at the moment, but once the first one is done, we'll upload a picture.

High Lonesome 100 belt buckle

Custom bottle of Laws Whiskey

We teamed up with Laws Whiskey House to get each runner a custom engraved bottle of their Four Grain Small Batch Bourbon. Like the High Lonesome 100, Laws is pure Colorado goodness. Every runner who starts the race will receive a bottle. This is an award any ultra runner will want to add to their collection! 

The Hawk (sub 24 hours) Award

There won't be many of you, but for those speedy folks who manage to run this course in under 24 hours, you'll get a handmade plaque to commemorate your success at our Colorado ultra running event. We're still in the design process here, but once we've got that part dialed, we'll make one and post a picture. Rumor has it that it will be made out of beetle kill....