Pacer Rules

Each runner in the High Lonesome 100 mile running race is allowed one pacer at a time starting at St Elmo (mile 51). Runners over the age of 60 may have a pacer the entire time. Pacers may use aid station supplies, but may not have drop bags. Muling is not allowed.

Runners may be joined by more than their one pacer near the finish, but only within the boundaries of Monarch Mountain. Pacers must wear a pacer bib and carry all required gear.

Crew Rules

Each runner may use a crew, but only one vehicle per crew is allowed. Many of our aid stations are extremely remote and have limited parking. 

Crews may not interfere with any race operations, and they may not provide support to runners outside of allowed aid stations. 

Crews should attempt to arrive at aid stations close to the time their runners are due. 

Driving Directions

Most aid stations are pretty easy to navigate to, however, this is a 100 mile running race in Colorado's mountains, so we have created a document with detailed instructions for crews. Pinned locations for Google Maps are available here.