Is the High Lonesome 100 a qualifier for UTMB, Hardrock 100, or Western States?

Good question. We've been asked it a lot so here's the detailed info you've all been craving. We update this whenever new info is received.

Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc (UTMB)

Status: Qualifier, 6 points

Hardrock 100

Status: Not qualifier, Potentially in 2019

Hardrock requires a race to have been successfully run twice before reviewing it for qualification. We have been assisted substantially in our planning by the folks at Hardrock, and based on several informal conversations, we believe that we have a good chance for 2019. However, we will not know for certain until Fall 2018 when the HR board meets and reviews such requests.

Western States Endurance Run (WSER)

Status: Not qualifier, potentially 2019

Western States does not allow first year races to be qualifying races, so we are out. Westerns requirements for races is based purely on the number of entrants, and they use the largest 30 100 mile races. Currently, that would mean we need about 130 finishers (roughly 175 starters). Based on our USFS permits, we may be able to accommodate that number in a few years, but it's not official. Of all the races, WSER has the most moving parts, so we can't really predict if/when we could become a qualifier.