Our team is amazing, and it’s full of ultra runners and mountain athletes. We feel extraordinarily lucky to have such an experienced team of people organizing this classic Colorado trail race, but we need a few more willing hands to help! Any open positions are shown below, click on the buttons to download the full job posting! Please note that all positions are volunteer positions and are unpaid. There are still plenty of perks, but big cash salaries haven’t quite made it to the ultra scene…


Communications Director

We’re looking for someone who has experience working with the various communications systems commonly used in races. Think HAM or VHF radio, Iridium or other satellite networks, and runner tracking. It’s a plus if you have programming experience! It’s a big role and needs a person who LOVES details, can stay up late, manage assistants, and assist in the overall development and implementation of our communications system.

Like all our directors, this is a volunteer position and requires work throughout the year. Most months it’s very little work, but in the lead up to the race it will start to become busier and culminates on race week. You’ll have to be onsite from Thursday - Sunday on race week and lodging is provided. Click on the button to view the full job posting.

Headquarters Director

We’re looking for someone to be in charge of our headquarters during race week. This role is responsible for setting up the start/finish line, the HQ tent(s), and organize the cleanup on Sunday. The person is also the Single Point of Contact for the race during communications with outside agencies during the event. The role has less work outside of race week than other directors, but takes on a large and diverse set of tasks during the race.

This role requires someone who can operate independently and has a detailed understanding of the entire race structure. The role can be stressful due to the divergent set of areas it touches, but it has more opportunities for breaks and sleep during the race. than other directors. You must be onsite from Thursday - Sunday, and lodging is provided. Click on the button to view the full job posting.

Aid Station Manager

Our Director of Aid Stations is looking for 1-3 people to assist her in planning and executing the aid stations during the race! Think aid station captain for the behind the scenes aid station work. Click on the button to view the full job posting.