The High Lonesome 100 will be moving to a lottery registration process for 2020. While we had hoped to avoid a lottery for a few more years, the massive demand for the race has required us to make this move a little sooner.  We are releasing the general framework now, but we have not finalized how the weighting process will be. Our goal is to a build a lottery that is fair, transparent, and understandable, and we are working with a PhD Statistician to design the selection/mathematical component of the process. We will release full details by the end of September 2019.

Please note that all details on this page are subject to change pending our final version. This information is for reference prior to the final announcement and no details herein are binding.



Lottery registration window: Opens at 12:01am on Monday, November 4th and closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, November 10th.

Lottery draw: Friday, November 15th, time TBD.

Entrant cap: 125 runners

General Lottery: 124 runners

  • Men’s pool: 62 runners

  • Women’s pool: 62 runners

Discretionary Slots: Maximum of 14 runners

  • Maximum Volunteer Slots: 6

  • Maximum Sponsor Slots: 4

  • Maximum RD Slots: 4


There are two ways to enter the race, the General Lottery and Discretionary Slots. The General Lottery is evenly split into two pools for Men and Women, and both are open to anyone who meets the qualification requirements. Transgender or Non-binary runners should follow the registration directions in our Transgender and Non-Binary Policy to enter the General Lottery. The Discretionary Slots are comprised of three types of slots: Volunteer, Sponsor, and RD slots. Volunteer slots are raffled at the end of the race, Sponsor slots are provided to our top tier of sponsors, and RD slots are for the RD to use at his discretion. The amount of these Discretionary Slots are determined as a percentage of our entrant cap and some of the slots may remain unused. See the above section for the exact numbers for both of these methods.

The “weighting” or “ticket” system for selection applicants in the lottery is still being designed, so there aren’t a lot of details to announce yet. What we do know is that there will be several things that will “boost” your odds in the lottery. Trail work hours, volunteering at the race, previous finishes, and previous unsuccessful lottery attempts will all boost an applicants odds. How much so is all still in the air but we are making sure that no single one will have an overwhelming effect on your odds…we want this process to still be fair.

We will allow deferrals if a runner meets one of the criteria in our Pregnancy and Young Child Policy or they are drawn into Western States or Hardrock (click here for deferrals). The runners who defer will be given a lottery bypass for the following year’s race. The only other lottery bypasses that are given are to our Legacy Runners. These runners have run the 2017, 2018, and 2019 races and has at least 2 finishes. There are currently 3 men who have the potential to be listed as a Legacy Runner pending their 2019 results.

In order to not take away spots from the General Lottery, we won’t be deducting the Discretionary Slots from the size of the General Lottery. Instead, we will fill the full capacity from the lottery and the Discretionary Slots will be added on top of this. So after registration is over, we will have a maximum of 138 runners. Eventually enough people will have dropped out of the race and we will begin taking people from the waitlist. This does mean that waitlisters will have to wait longer to get in since we are effectively “overbooking” the race. Our typical attrition rate is about 20% of our entrant capacity.

For full details on everything, please refer to our Initial Lottery Policy and Design document. It has all the fine print on everything. While it’s a hefty read, we tried to cover everything in order to be transparent…no shady business here! Remember, this is all still a work in progress so things may change. Regardless of the final lottery design, there may be small changes that occur within the first 1-3 years to correct issues and make adjustments.

For more details about our Transgender, Non-binary, Pregnancy/New Child, and Gender Equity policies, please click the buttons on this page or visit this page.



Starting at the 2019 race and continuing each year, we will raffle away a set number of Volunteer Slots to eligible volunteers during the awards ceremony. The purpose of this policy is to encourage prospective runners to be a part of the race outside of running it while also providing dedicated volunteers a better chance of entering the race. Volunteers receive one ticket per shift they work, and if they are not drawn in the raffle, they may use these tickets to boost their odds in the lottery (the amount of the boost is still TBD). The following details apply for the volunteer slots.

This year, we will raffle away 6 lottery bypasses for the 2020 lottery.

  • The number of Volunteer Slots will be limited to a maximum of 5% (rounded to the nearest whole number) of the allowed entrants (as determined by our permitting agencies).

  • To be eligible for the raffle, the volunteer must meet the qualification requirements at the time of the drawing.

  • Volunteer Slots are not transferable and must be accepted in person at the time of the raffle. Winners must confirm they will run at the time of the drawing or they will forfeit their spot.

  • 1 raffle ticket is given out for each volunteer shift worked. Shifts are defined and tracked by the volunteer coordinator.

  • Volunteer slots must still pay the entry fee and complete their trail work, but the spots are not restricted on the basis of gender.