Want to know what we promise to do for every runner?

We believe that every runner deserves the best experience they can have when participating in our race. As such, we’ve made a list of goals that we will strive to meet and exceed each year for our runners.

We call it our Runner’s Bill of Rights.

  • A Well-marked Course: We believe that runners should get an adequately and intelligently marked course. We promise to provide clearly marked junctions and adequately spaced markings in the long stretches to reassure you that you are on course. We will make sure you are well informed prior to the start about the markings and any navigational difficulties.

  • Exceptional Aid Stations: We believe that runners deserve excellent aid stations, and we will do everything in our power to make each aid station the best that we can. This means always providing nutrition and hot food, fluids, knowledgeable staff, medical support, comforts to help you rest and recover, and surprise luxuries to put a smile on your face.

  • Clear Communication:  We believe that runners should get clear, consistent, and proactive communication from registration to finish. It is our goal to make sure you have all the information you need to be successful. We will do our best to thoroughly educate all our runners about the difficulties of a 100 mile trail run in the mountains of Colorado.

  • An Amazing Course: We believe that runners deserve the best course that we can create, one that is big, challenging, gorgeous, and not contrived. We are committed to offering a trail running event that is true to the spirit of ultrarunning and the mountains. If you are going to suffer, then it should be in beautiful places.

  • Positive Community: We believe that you are not in this alone. The race staff and volunteers are motivated and inspired to see you finish this race. We will cheer you on, help you when you’re digging deep, and celebrate with you at the finish. We will strive to grow and strengthen the wonderful community of ultra-runners across the world.  

  • A Green Event: We believe that runners deserve an event that is not damaging to the wonderful places we run. As such, we promise to continually strive make sure our race is as environmentally friendly as we can. Our goal is to protect and celebrate the mountains, not selfishly damage them.