Standard Finisher's beetle-kill plaque

Standard Finisher's beetle-kill plaque


So you've successfully gotten yourself one of the sexy High Lonesome 100 buckles, but now you need to figure out what to do with it once you get home. Here's our suggestion, buy a handmade custom wood plaque. 

Made in Leadville, Colorado from beetle killed pine out of the Sawatch mountains, these plaques are the perfect way to display your buckle. Each one is totally unique, as each piece of wood looks different.

The plaque is engraved with the mountainscape of Mt. Princeton and the phrase "There are no shortcuts" (our co-opted motto from Law's Whiskey House). Plaques vary in size, but will generally be between 8x5 and 11x8 inches.

Please allow up to 14 days for standard plaques to be made.

Want to put something else on the plaque? Check out our custom plaque option.

Shot by Elizabeth Sasseman at Miner's Saloon in Golden, CO

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