Our team is amazing, and it’s full of ultra runners and mountain athletes. We feel extraordinarily lucky to have such an experienced team of people organizing this race. Together, our leadership team has a collective 28 - 100 mile finishes (that's just finishes...we don't count the DNFs), 40 years of ultra-running experience, and we’ve lost track of the number of shorter races we've all completed. We don't say this to brag (ok, maybe just a little), but rather to assure you that we get it. We understand what runners need because we’re runners ourselves. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft and we feel that together, with our cumulative experience, we’ve been able to create a truly amazing event.




Caleb Efta - Race Director & Founder

Caleb started running ultras 9 years ago when his brother-in-law dared him to run a 50k. Things snowballed from there (he’s completed five 100 milers and a bunch of shorter ultras now), and after a move to Colorado in 2013, the High Lonesome 100 began to form. Caleb loves getting his friends to run and finds true happiness in watching people dig deep and endure. He's a lover of details and notoriously picky, and channels both into continuously improving the High Lonesome. When he's not running, you can find him eating hamburgers, drinking whiskey, chasing snow, and throwing dry flies.

Caleb founded the race back in 2015 and is still struggling to not micro-manage everyone else. He’s getting a little better.

Kelsey Banaszynski - Aid Station Director

Kelsey started running ultras in 2016 and has multiple finishes from 50k to 100k’s. She’s an avid outdoorswoman and loves to spend time doing just about anything outside…from backpacking or fly fishing, to gardening or walking her dogs. Hailing from Wisconsin, she combines her masters degree in Nutrition and experience as a project manager and food scientist to make our aid stations amazing. With a laugh that’s contagious, she can put a smile on any grumpy runner’s face.

She has been with the High Lonesome team since 2016, and took over the aid stations in 2017. Kelsey’s role is the second busiest job of the race and she spends hundreds of hours each year planning, preparing, and executing the complicated logistics of over a dozen aid stations. She likes to be referred to as “The Mother of Aid Stations” in an homage to “The Mother of Dragons” due to her ferocious attention to detail. You’ll probably see her quite a bit during the race as she visits most aid stations making sure everyone - from runners to volunteers - are well taken care of.


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Jon Clinthorne - Course Director

Our resident PhD holder, Jon brings a ton of ultra-running experience to our team. Over his 9 years of ultra-running, he has eleven 100-mile finishes, many with podium or top 10 finishes. His skill set isn't limited to 100s though, he's won the Collegiate Peaks 50 miler and several other shorter ultras. When he's not running, you can often find Jon backcountry skiing, drinking a new beer, or relaxing with friends and his dogs.

Jon joined the High Lonesome team in early in 2017, and we’d be lost without him…literally. Jon oversees marking all 100 miles of our course as well as the sweeping. During the race he routinely finds and fixes course vandalization ahead of the runners, keeping folks on course and safe. His roles takes up almost an entire week, and Jon uses his vacation time to ensure that our course is one of the best marked courses out there.

Whitney Barrett - Medical Director

Whitney is a multi-sport wizard, and she splits her time between Xterra’s, trail running, and mountain biking. She’s won many races despite working as the Medical Director for the Denver Paramedics - the busiest EMS service in Colorado.

Whitney joined the High Lonesome team 2 months before the 2017 High Lonesome, and she quite literally saved the race. Without her oversight, the race would have been denied a permit but Whit joined up and dove straight in. Since then she’s overseen the entire medical component of the race, and she does an amazing job. Her diligence and thoroughness helps us take care of our runners at the highest level of care possible when you’re in the middle of nowhere without cell service and electricity.



David Fox - Volunteer Director

David started running ultras back in 2016 and has worked his way steadily from his first trail marathon to his first 100 miler. He is a deep believer in building community and is the tireless organizer of his local trail running group, the Golden Mountain Runners. A Colorado native, David loves running, skiing, dogs, music, and being outside with friends. He also loves organizing and coordinating all 150+ volunteers that come help out at the race.

David joined our team in 2016 when he volunteered to manage the volunteers (ah the irony), and we don’t know where we’d be without him. Luckily he has a talent for jigsaws and email management, and he makes sure every role is filled and each aid station staffed. He’s also run the Monarch Pass aid station in 2017 and organizes the runner check-ins in the build up to the race.

Janetta Iwanicki - Co-Medical Director

Janetta was recruited by Whitney after the 2017 event and she has immediately become an indispensable part of the team. Janetta is a Doctor at Denver Health and loves to get outside. She’s a trail runner, triathlete, snowboarder and more.

Between her and Whitney, they manage an amazing team of medical volunteers. You will often see Janetta at key aid stations helping care for runners and assisting with an ymedical incidents that arise.


Communications Director - OPEN!

Guess what, we’re hiring! Sort of…

We’re looking for someone who has experience working with the various communications systems commonly used in races. Think HAM or VHF radio, Iridium or other satellite networks, and runner tracking. It’s a plus if you have programming experience! It’s a big role and needs a person who LOVES details, can stay up late, manage assistants, and assist in the overall development and implementation of our communications system.

Like all our directors, this is a volunteer position and requires work throughout the year. Most months it’s very little work, but in the lead up to the race it will start to become busier and culminates on race week. You’ll have to be onsite from Thursday - Sunday on race week and lodging is provided. Click here to learn more.

Headquarters Director - OPEN!

Guess what, we’re hiring! Sort of…

We’re looking for someone to be in charge of our headquarters during race week. This role is responsible for setting up the start/finish line, the HQ tent(s), and organize the cleanup on Sunday. The person is also the Single Point of Contact for the race during communications with outside agencies during the event. The role has less work outside of race week than other directors, but takes on a large and diverse set of tasks during the race.

This role requires someone who can operate independently and has a detailed understanding of the entire race structure. The role can be stressful due to the divergent set of areas it touches, but it has more opportunities for breaks and sleep during the race. than other directors. You must be onsite from Thursday - Sunday, and lodging is provided. Click here to learn more.




Kelly Parnigoni - Medical Coordinator


Zach King - Advisory Board member


Jasmin Menez - Graphic Design

Current Aid Station Captains

Wade Janecek (Raspberry 1) - 2018 HL100 Finisher - first year as captain

David Hoff (Antero) - 2017 HL100 Finisher - 2 years as captain

Simon Roberts (St. Elmo) - 2018 HL100 Finisher - first year as captain

Kevin Smith (Cottonwood) - 2017 HL100 Finisher - first year as captain

John (& Jen) Danese (Tin Cup) - 2017 & 2018 HL100 Finisher - first year as captains

Mark Barnhart (Hancock) - 3 years as captain

Chris McBride (Lost Wonder Hut) - 3 years as captain

Josh Dickson (Purgatory) - 2 years as captain

Matt Royal (Monarch) - 3 years as captain

Emily Royal - (Blanks Cabin) - 3 years as captain

Karen Pate & Pat Homelvig (Raspberry 2) - first year as captains

Kevin Kaucher (Start/Finish) - 3 years as captain

Past Aid Station Captains

Roch Horton - 2018

Andy Blateky - 2017

Mark Marzen - 2018

Nick Leuck - 2018

Alden Short - 2017/18

Josh Dickson - 2018

Zach King - 2017/18

David Fox - 2017

Taylor and Fiona Larson - 2017/18

Tyler Scrabble and Rebecca Johnson - 2018

Ashley Daily - 2017