All runners must complete at least 8 hours of physical trail work. This work must be on trails, so volunteering at another race or pacing your friend unfortunately won't count. Your work should be done in conjunction with a recognized outdoor organization; a local open space department, a state parks department, trail foundations or something similar. To get credit for the work, print the trail work form, have your trail boss fill it out, and then email it to the RD.

Should you be be unable or unwilling to complete the 8 hours of trail work, you may chose to pay the $125 opt out fee. Those who chose to pay the opt-out fee should do so guilt free; High Lonesome 100 donates 95% (the US Forest Service takes the remaining 5%) of the opt-out fees to Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, the leading non-profit in new trail construction and maintenance in the state. To pay the fee, you must use PayPal or credit card, and please follow the directions below carefully.

The deadline to complete your trail work requirement is July 8th, 2019. If you do not met the trail work requirement by the deadline you are removed from the race and denied future entry for 1 year. We take this seriously, each year we have removed 1 runner for not completing their work.

For waitlisters, anyone who has met the trail work requirement will be moved to the top of the list (in their respective order) on July 9th.


The High Lonesome partners with CFI to schedule two work days open to runners. Group size is limited to under 20 people, and spots are filled in a first come first serve manner. RSVP is required to attend these events, and they fill up fast. Watch for emails and posts to social media when specific dates are picked.


To get credit for your trail work, print off the form below and have your trail work leader fill it out. Once you’ve filled out the form, take a picture and email it to You will get a reply indicating whether your trail work requirement has been marked completed, or if there are any problems.

Acceptable trail work includes:

  • New trail construction on public lands

  • Trail maintenance on public lands

  • Facilities maintenance on public lands (installing signage, cleaning outhouses, etc)

  • Trash clean up on public lands

  • Weed mitigation/brush control on public lands

Unacceptable trail work includes:

  • Volunteering at an event (such as working an aid station, course marking/sweeping, etc)

  • RD duties/Race organization

  • Work done on private lands (such as ski resorts)

  • Work done on non-trail surfaces (such as building a paved path)


To pay the opt-out fee, you must have a PayPal account or credit card, we do not accept personal checks or cash. Below are the following options for paying the opt out fee:

  1. UltraSignup: Click the link below, adds an $8.18 fee for a total of $133.18

  2. PayPal: Download the instructions and follow them carefully. You must have a PayPal account to use this method.

Please do not send checks or use other payment options (such as Venmo or Elle).