The High Lonesome 100 is not currently able to provide live tracking during the race. Due to the massive communication challenges, such a system would require the purchase and installation of multiple repeaters in order to be reliable. We also don’t require runners to carry tracking devices (such as SPOT) as they are expensive and unreliable in their current software and hardware iterations.

We are working on possibly being able to provide splits during the race, but that may not be functional by 2019. Our internal target is to have a state-of-the-art communications and tracking system in place by 2023, but it’s a long and expensive road to get there. Until we do, we’re going to under-promise and over-deliver….so on that note please don’t expect any form of live tracking for 2019.

Rest assured, we have an excellent method for tracking runners and pacers during the event and we take pride in our thoroughness. Keeping runners safe is our top priority, letting Grandma follow you along from Iowa is our second.